About Us

We make your life easier ...

Our Story

In 2023, YallaCarts was born out of a simple yet significant realization – the challenge families and tenants face when moving groceries from building parkings to their apartments. We understood the struggles, especially for those with children, and set out to create a solution that not only eases the burden but transforms the entire experience.

Our Mission

At YallaCarts, we are on a mission to make your life easier. Our specially designed smart carts are crafted to seamlessly navigate through elevators and buildings, ensuring a smooth and damage-free journey from parking to your doorstep. We believe that everyday tasks should be simple, and grocery transportation is no exception.

The YallaCarts Advantage

Smart Design

Our carts are more than just a means of transporting groceries; they are a testament to intelligent design. Lightweight, easy to handle, and equipped with smart lockers, YallaCarts are tailored to fit your needs.


Say goodbye to the struggle of maneuvering bulky carts in tight spaces. YallaCarts are specially designed to make elevator rides a breeze, ensuring that you can effortlessly transport your groceries without any hassle.

Health-Conscious Carts

We care about your well-being. Our Carts are designed to alleviate the health issues associated with carrying heavy loads, making grocery shopping a pain-free experience.

Secure and Convenient

With YallaCarts, security is a priority. Our smart lockers ensure that only authorized tenants have access, providing a secure and convenient way to transport your groceries.